• Alphametic Puzzle Generator
    by Truman Collins

    Create your own alphametics with this fantastic tool online. It works by submitting lists of related words. The generator will search for puzzles among all the permutations of the words given and find all puzzles conforming to the specified parameters.

    Incredible but true!


  • Alphametic Puzzle Solver
    by Truman Collins

    Searching for an efficient online solver? This one solves alphametic additions using any number of summands expressed to any base from 2 to 16.

    Written in language C++ by Truman Collins, a Software Engineer working to Mentor Graphics, this solver is a must!


  • Alphametic Puzzles
    by Truman Collins

    It all started in the graduate school days!... Truman Collins tells the story of his passion for cryptarithms, how he developed a puzzle solver, his wife's addiction to the brainteasers and the creation of alphametics galore.

    A collection of his puzzles is offered in this site, a worthwhile visit for sure!


  • Alphametics
    by Torsten Sillke

    A unique collection of prime cryptarithms sampled from world renowned puzzlists like Hunter, Madachy, Gardner, Wayne, Hess, Dunn, Lehmann, Mott-Smith and others.


  • Colin Barker´s Cryptarithms
    by Colin Barker

    Many puzzles generated by a computer program written in Turbo Prolog by Colin Barker. The problems are displayed in categories: American States, American Presidents, Planets, Fruit, Numbers, Greek Letters, Elements, Colours of the Rainbow, European Countries and "Doubly correct" multiplications.


  • Cryptarithms / Alphametics
    by Frank Rubin

    A rich assortment of challenging fun-filled alphametics is waiting for you to solve at Frank Rubin´s Puzzle Web Site The Contest Center.


  • Cut-the-Knot Cryptarithms
    by Alexander Bogomolny

    Frames and JavaScripts created by Mr. Bogomolny, a software specialist with a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis, facilitate handling his collection of high-grade alphametics.


  • IREAD.IT Alphametic Generator & Solver
    by Giovanni Resta

    An on-line program to solve and create cryptarithms and alphametics created by Giovanni Resta, a senior researcher in the Computational Mathematics section of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the Italian CNR. This program can help you find alphametics with unique solution and sum and differences whose result is a meaningful word. For example, given the two words Barack and Obama, among the solutions you'll find "amazes". You can find funny alphametics by entering the names of your friends and then selecting the more interesting words among those suggested by the program. It supports 3 languages: English, Italian and Spanish.


  • Jonathan Partington's Alphametics
    by Jonathan Partington

    Top quality alphametics created by Jonathan Partington during his schooldays and student days. Some of them were used, with his permission, by J.A.H. (Jim) Hunter in his syndicated column.

    [Alphametics (cryptarithms)]

  • Tamiya´s Alphametics
    by Tamiya Katsuya

    Have you ever heard about alphametics that read like poems? Tamiya´s creations do it making them so interesting, curious and unique because they resemble the very first cryptarithms invented in ancient China, which are said to be composed using Chinese ideograms.


  • The Official WWW Alphametic Page
    by Mike Keith

    Fun with words and numbers. Mike Keith shares his incomparable knowledge of alphametics, talking about the contributions he made to the advancement of various genres: doubly-true, literary, "found", chessametic, word squares and order-n. Many alphametics, the crème de la crème of alphametic puzzledom, are shown.


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