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This solver resolves simple 3-word alphametic additions, type SEND + MORE = MONEY.

To solve an alphametic, simply type it in the 3 input boxes above and then press the button "SOLVE". In fractions of a second, the program will list the solutions to the problem.

Every time you submit an alphametic for solution, 3 different outcomes may occur: the problem has a unique solution, several solutions or no solution.


1) Typing the alphametic CROSS + ROADS = DANGER and pressing the "Solve" button you get the unique solution 96233 + 62513 = 158746, indicating a valid alphametic.

2) Typing the alphametic PLANET + EARTH = ROTATES and pressing the "Solve" button you get the message "No solutions" indicating that this alphametic admits no solution, and therefore it is invalid.

3) Typing the alphametic BILL + GATES = GREAT and pressing the "Solve" button you get a list of 74 solutions, indicating that this alphametic admits multiple solutions, and therefore it is invalid.

This solver deciphers simple arithmetic additions only - so it doesn't solve operations of subtraction, multiplication, division, power or roots.

To judge the validity of an alphametic, it is important to know the fundamental cryptarithmetic conventions:
  • Each letter or symbol represents only one digit throughout the problem;

  • When letters are replaced by their digits, the resultant arithmetical operation must be correct;

  • The numerical base, unless specifically stated, is 10;

  • Numbers must not begin with a zero;

  • There must be only one solution to the problem.


© This solver uses meticjs.js code written in JavaScript by Toby Gottfried with permission granted by the author.

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